WO resident brings a unique learning center to town.

Brain O Brain USA is opening a center in West Orange in Feb this year.

Brain O Brain USA @ West Orange will become a part of more than 600 centers located around the world. Brain O Brain is a unique fun filled skill development program using Advanced Abacus & NLP.

The center will be geared to provide training to children between 4 & 14 years old. More than 60,000 students have benefited from the program.

During the launch period Brain O Brain will be offering discounts to West Orange residents. Call TODAY to take advantage of this great opportunity to Help Your Child Even Be More Brilliant.

Call (973) 50-MYBOB (69262)

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Brain o Brain Helps Kids Think Smart

BY  |  TUESDAY, FEB 15, 2011 9:00AM  |

Looking for academic enrichment for your child? A new learning center has opened up in West Orange to help kids think smarter.

It’s called Brain o Brain, and the company originated in India. In addition to their more than 570 locations worldwide, BoB is opening seven locations just in New Jersey. The West Orange location launched last week with an appearance by Mayor Parisi, see left.

Just what is Brain o Brain? Hint: The program involves an abacus. Local BoB education consultant Snehal Patel gave Barista Kids the rundown…The Brain o Brain program has 10 levels for kids ages 4 to 14. Each level lasts three to four months if a child attends once per week. “All students see dramatic improvement in their academic and social skills within four to six months,” Patel said.

The program focuses on life long improvements and skills rather temporary academic improvements like other programs, Patel added. You won’t see worksheets or test prep at BoB. Instead, kids focus on two main aspects of learning. First, whole brain development is based on advanced abacus skills and uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods to increase synopsis between the left and right brain. Second, personality development is based on specially designed neuro linguistic programming activities for kids that aims to improve confidence, respect for others and social responsibility.

BoB parents might notice their children have improved concentration, focus, memory, imagination, self-esteem, communication and numerical abilities.

To learn more about their classes or MindBee Summer camp–both open for enrollment–call (973)-50-MYBOB or email.

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Forest Ave School Enrichment Program selects Brain O Brain as one of their program.

This unique course originating in India uses an easy, playful rhyme-based abacus syllabus as a teaching tool to help kids attain balanced brain development in a fun, natural & stress free manner.  Advanced abacus learning involves using three senses:  seeing, hearing & touch, thereby encouraging simultaneous use of right and left hemispheres, and development of foundational learning skills such as memory, visualization, concentration, listening skills, self confidence and creativity.  Parents will receive an e-mail regarding 15 minutes of required homework each day.  Class will be broken out into 2 groups:   PreK/K and 1st/2nd.  All students must know how to count & recognize numbers from 1 to 9.


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