About Us

Holistic Education llc, is a flagship company who brought programs like Brain O Brain and MindsBee to North NJ. This company is promoted by West Orange resident Tanvi Garala, a mother and physical therapist & Edison resident Jagruti Patel, a mother of two bright daughters.

Why Holistic Education:

All children process information differently. How and what they understand from information is based on a theory dependent on the “Right Brain/Left Brain” dominance. The theory shows that a human left brain is responsible for completely different functions than the right brain. Researchers have concluded that in every person, one of these hemispheres of the brain is dominant over the other. According to this theory, the left brain is the analytical one, responsible for measurement, logic, math, analysis while the right brain is responsible for creativity, art, music, intuition and the use of words.

Understanding that creative development of children is sometimes confined within the limitations of the curriculum in school (predominantly left brain activity). Holistic Education llc is well aware of the gap and hence we consitently seek and employ a way that would be most suitable to their individual learning style. We observe and test children to see what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to  give each child individual attention with specific areas for development while maintaining the group dynamic of interpersonal interaction.


Holistic Education, aims to continuously identify academic and personal skill development areas which are not covered by regular education system & bring latest curriculum to bridge these missing gaps. Holistic Education keeps our children top of the world by making sure they get exactly what they really need – minimize duplication, supplement and strengthen overall child development.


If others can do it, I can too.


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