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Welcome to the World of Empowerment for Children!

Brain O Brain is one of the world’s leading institutes for empowering children by giving them the opportunity to acquire valuable skill sets and to excel in life. Our goal is to help children achieve the highest order of mental formation which will result in maximization of skills involving the brain and life in general.

Having its Corporate Office located in India, Brainobrain operates worldwide in 12 countries, such as UK, USA, Poland, and Thailand. Brain O Brain has more than 575 successful franchise centers around the World. Brain O Brain has helped more than 60,000 children worldwide reach their learning potential; thereby significantly improving the quality of their lives! We have several testimonials from delighted parents.

We are excited to announce that Brain O Brain has already opened its 7th center in the US. We are currently establishing multiple locations in NJ.

After researching the prevalent methodologies for kids training, we feel very confident that the unique philosophy (VAK) offered by Brain O Brain far surpasses those of other learning programs. All of us want our children to excel and be competitive in today’s market place. Please contact us to learn more about how Brainobrain can make a difference in your child’s life!


About Expert Tutors - Math Skills - Learning Skills

We strongly believes in the eastern philosophy: The wealth that cannot be stolen, neither abducted by state, nor can be divided amongst brothers, Neither it is burdensome to carry, The wealth that increases by giving, That wealth is knowledge and is supreme of all possessions We believe that every student can do much better than they think. With the help of right tutor grades and confidence improve much faster.

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  1. …With a structured syllabus they teach the children how to do complex mathematics using at first an abacus but subsequently to do the same with their mental agility only. What is the point you might ask in a world where computers can do the most complex calculation in response to a single key stroke. The trainers and the facilitators in Brainobrain do much more than teach the children to do clever math. The children learn to memorize the abacus moves in their muscles so that the abacus itself becomes redundant. And in so doing they are also learning how to use their whole body to learn and simultaneously build motivation, a sense of competition and a belief in themselves….

    Sue Knight, UK International Trainer
    Coach and author of ‘NLP at Work’

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