One + One = Success

1. Do you think your child can do much better than they think?

2. Do you think that with a little help your child can improve in their studies?

3. Is your child focuses less on education and more on other activities?

4. Does your child do better on homework assignments than they do on tests?

5. Does your child frequently forget to hand in or do homework on a timely basis?

6. Does your child get lower than an A in more than 3 subjects?

7. Do you think their school does not teach enough skills to succeed in life?

8. Are you looking for extra-curricular activities in which your child can enjoy and develop him/her holistically?

If any one or multiple answers to the questions above is “Yes”, please fill out the form below to schedule a FREE – NO Obligation Parent and Child Consultation with our certified Education Consultant at our centers located throughout New Jersey.

Consultation will take around 35-45 minutes and will include a small assessment for your child.

Please register online or fill out the form below.



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